Having an interest in running, we know the importance of good navigation aids on wind swept, mist covered moors when competitive running.
Initially produced for a local club, the maps were a great success with other clubs soon following. Produced on water and tear resistant material, these maps use OS1:25,000 or OS1:50,000 scale High Definition detail (the highest print resolution that Ordnance Survey supply). With the race lines overlaid, showing the route and other vital information, this becomes an invaluable safety aid for competitors.

With increased concerns for competitor safety, providing digitally printed custom mapping is now a more cost effective and viable option for race organisers as has been suggested under new safety guidelines. We can cost any size variation to meet your requirements up to A2, single sided or double sided.

As a Licensed partner with Ordnance Survey we have a wide range of mapping data available to us including 1:25,000 and 1:50,000 scales, however, if you have a tie-in with another map provider, there is nothing to stop you generating your own artwork and letting us produce the print run on the same material.

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As testament to the product, a recent race organizer emailed us…
‘Yes, 13 runners managed to get lost but due to the system we used, we knew who was missing and how many and even where they had got to. So, the lads from Mountain rescue were able to find them easily. Ironically, the winner (a photo appeared in Athletics weekly the following week of him winning the race with a copy of the map in his hands), used the map and went the right route. The maps were excellent thanks and one of my clubmates who organises the Rochdale Harriers three day event wants to see one.’

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