Once printed, a document often requires a binding of some form.

There are many options used depending on the document and its intended end use. For instance the most common way for binding a calendar is by wiro-binding which allows for the pages to be turned over on themselves.


Some other binding methods used

Saddle stitching

Wiro or comb binding

PUR or Perfect binding




 Saddle Stitching example

Saddle Stitching

One of the most commonly used methods of binding booklets, once the pages are gathered, steel wires are forced through the spine of the document to hold the pages together. Limitations to saddle stitching are the number of pages in the document, and the weight of material used.


Used on calendars, school diaries, the binding allows the user to fold the pages onto themselves to show one page at a time.

Perfect Binding
PUR binding is one of the most secure and durable 'binding by glue' methods available, and is used where the document has to be able to withstand heavy usage. This is the sort of binding method used on paperback books.


Ideal for swatch cards where the pages need to fan apart. Interscrews come in different lengths, materials and finishes. The document is drilled then a male and female interscrew is inserted and closed.

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