Print Finishes

When you need to protect a printed product from grease and liquids such as on menus, a laminated surface gives a durable hard wearing finish. There are many other exciting ways to make your printed documents have that 'wow' factor too.

Here are just some of the finishes we can offer at Daltons.

  • Embossing 
  • Foil Blocking
  • Spot UV varnish
  • Die-cutting
  • Laminating
  • Encapsulating
  • Re-Moist Gumming
  • Thermography


This is where an image is depressed into the material to give either a raised or sunken profile. Used to great effect on book jackets, stationery and prestige point of sale items.

Foil Blocking

To produce an array of metallic, matt, gloss or other effects. A thin film of metallic membrane is pressed onto the sheet under extreme heat to adhere the image to the material.


Spot UV varnish

Applies a high gloss area specific varnish to an image, used on photos, type and graphics the process lifts the treated area, making the image more vibrant and glossy.



To produce shapes, apertures, radius corners, shaped mailers and folders, the sheet is passed through a die cutting press where a cutting forme impresses steel blades through the sheet to cut out the desired shape. The waste is then removed and the finished product is made up.


Lamination films provide both decorative appeal and protective qualities. They also increase the life of printed brochures, menus, reports and accounts, book jackets and many other forms of printed material and help retain the pristine look of freshly printed work for longer. Gloss, matt and silk finishes are available.


Is a process whereby two pieces of film encase the printed card. The tough transparent film is heat bonded to the material and to itself at the edges to form a seal that is both tough and damage resistant.

Re-moist gumming

Re-moist gumming, is similar to the glue you find on envelopes. It is applied to print and only becomes sticky once "licked and sticked". It is ideal for direct mailers and response mailers.


Is a process which uses special powders and heat to raise the treated image, and creates a tactile effect that enhances the product. Used on stationery, swing tickets, point of sale etc. Samples available on request.


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